Prepare/Enrich Training

Designed to help facilitators learn the Prepare/Enrich program with premarital and married couples. Pam Hulstrand has trained over 600 pastors, counselors and ministry leaders on how to use this invaluable tool.
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Marriage Tune-Ups

Being intentional in your marriage is essential for marital satisfaction and success. Regular marriage tune-ups are a great way to keep your marriage alive and prevent those side-of-the-road “break downs” from happening.
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Premarital Counseling

Based on an online inventory of your relationship, Prepare explores strength and growth areas, strengthens communication skills, and identifies and manages major stressors.
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Marriage Matters Seminars

These fun, one-day or weekend seminars are for couples at every stage of their marriage journey. Topics include conflict resolution, family, and finances are explored in a combination of group and private sessions.
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