Marriage Matters Seminar
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  • For dating, engaged and or married couples ( can do them all together or just one group)
  • It’s a combination of teaching time, group interaction and time alone as a couple
  • Non-pressured and lots of fun
  • One Day Seminar or a Weekend Retreat
  • The basis for this Group is the Prepare/Enrich Online Inventory. Once you register for the group you will be emailed a link to take the inventory online. You do this individually.
    • We will cover topics like:
      Conflict Resolution
      Personality Similarities and Differences
      Family of Origin
      Leisure Activities
  • Picture credit: Mark Fierst Photography

Managing Every Day Conflict Adult Forum

(this can be done in one day or a 3 or 4 week forum)
An interactive experiential forum for adults to help teach communication and conflict resolution skills that apply to all relationships.

“As a pastor, one of my concerns is that while we frequently call and encourage people to forgiveness, reconciliation and peace from the pulpit, we often fail to provide them with the tools to follow through. As all of us can testify, we often repeat patterns of interpersonal conflict not because we enjoy it, but because we simply can’t find a way out. We lack the tools to break the cycle. In an effort to correct that, we invited Pam to work with some of our community groups and specifically to provide some tools and simple training to help us all better manage conflict. The best endorsement I can give Pam is that I have already heard from people who have successfully implemented the training. Our people want to be peacemakers, Pam helped give them the tools to do it.”
Pastor Jay Pound, First Evangelical Free Church, Mpls, MN



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Engaged Couple’s Seminar

$150 per couple (does NOT includes the $35 cost of the inventory)
Can be paid by Credit Card online(slight fee included)  or with check or cash.

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