Marriage Tune-Ups

Time for a Tune-Up?

Would you let your car go for 100,000 miles before getting an oil change or a tune-up?

Your relationship deserves a tune-up as well. Being intentional in your marriage is essential for marital satisfaction and success. Regular marriage tune-ups are a great way to keep your marriage alive and prevent those side of the road “break downs” from happening.

Whether you are celebrating your one year or your 25th anniversary, marriage tune-ups are a good idea.

Prices until September 1, 2020                                                    Prices after September 1, 2020

One Hour Marriage Tune-up.   $65                                                                     $75
90 Minute Marriage Tune-up.  $85                                                                     $100
Two Hour Marriage Tune-up.   $95                                                                     $120

Marital Tune Up

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