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Money & Marriage & Challenges, “OH MY!”

We were in our first sixth months of marriage when Eric and I experienced our first major “money challenge”.  Eric was a full time seminary student, working a very part time maintenance job on campus.  We were living mostly on my full time ministry salary when I experienced severe burn out and decided to quit my job.  This was the first of many opportunities we have had to trust God and to keep communicating and working through the stresses that money and the lack of it can bring to a marriage.

This summer, Eric and I have developed a relationship with an organization called bright peak financial. We are excited about a new workshop they have developed to help couples talk about the emotional side of money. Eric is facilitating these workshops this summer.  They are a great way to make your relationship stronger by having intentional conversations around this often challenging topic.

Check it out and consider taking a step in your own relationship, whether you are engaged or been married awhile.  You can register here: Better Halves workshops